Your Favorite Canadian Web Series “Cold Southern Blocks” Is Back!


We went North of the border last year, to the Capital City for our northern neighbors, Ottawa with a breakout web series that nobody was expecting. The first season of Cold Southern Blocks was raw, extremely raw and gritty and showcased Canada from a side seldom seen. It was a rugged beauty. The good news is that the show was renewed for a second season and it’s here.

I hate comparing shows and that’s not what I’m doing here. But if you watched the smash series, Money and Violence, you remember the type of gritty and real feeling it gave you about the streets of Brooklyn. You’ll catch that similar feeling when you tune into CSB. If you’re into a genuine street narrative, thatĀ feels more authentic than anything, even if you’re unfamiliar with that life, this show is it.

One does not have to ever have been to Canada to know that the show’s themes and story lines are well crafted from a position of ingenuity. The show follows a group of young Haitian men who are navigating their way through and trying to survive the streets of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Along with surviving, they are also trying to stay paid and find ways out of the streets as well as keep their street life as far from the ones they love the most as possible. But around every corner, it seems, there are people and entities that are doing everything in their power to stop them from accomplishing everything they set out to do.

Written by Canandian artist J. Creole, who also stars as the show’s main character Mako , the show highlights some of the issues that we as Americans don’t really associate with Canada. In fact we as Americans typically don’t associate issues with Canada at all (help us!). But like anywhere else there is social strife, violence and ethnic tensions in Canada’s capital city, that this show highlights with a raw, authentic feel.

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