‘Totally Normal’ Is The Go To Web Series For Modern Day Friendships. Check The Pilot Episode


‘Totally Normal’ is a web series about two totally normal best friends. They do normal best friend stuff, like finish each other’s sentence, read each other’s mind and watch each other use the…okay nevermind. Nothing about their friendship even comes close to normal so just forget I said that. As a matter of fact forget the name of the series because there is nothing ‘Totally Normal’ about Jamie and Amie’s friendship. In fact there is something incredibly bizarre about their friendship that you’re just not going to believe.

The web series is based in Vancouver, BC and stars actresses Jenna Mae Miller and Michelle Goyns. The importance of best friendship is the central theme in this new web series. But the catch…oh the catch. There is a real catch to their friendship that puts a serious yet hillarious twist on this series.

‘Totally Normal’ is a sitcom that you don’t need a subscription of any kind to enjoy the spoils of. The pilot episode gives us a good enough look to know that we’re in for witty and relatable comedy presented in a very well written format. Check out the pilot episode below!


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