These Are The Ten Best Songs From The First Season of ‘Insecure’

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What a great year 2016 has been for network television and premium network television. The latest show from this year’s lineup to complete it’s premiere season was HBO’s Insecure written by Issa Rae. The Awkward Black Girl brought us arguably one of the funniest sitcoms of this decade.

The witty and relevant humor layered over the lives of older black millenials, an avenue that has as of yet rarely been explored in mainstream media, made for a show that has solidly entrenched itself in the entertainment world. So much so in fact, it was recently announced the show WILL be back for a second season.

Not to be overlooked, a huge part of the show’s appeal was it’s soundtrack. Scored by Kier Liehman and Solange Knowles, the music of Insecure provided the perfect backdrops for some of the funniest scenes on Television.

Featuring artists both known and lesser known, Liehman and Knowles may have out did themselves on this one. Here are ten of the best songs featured on the show.


10. Boosie x Foxx x Webbie – ‘Wipe Me Down’

Honestly, this song should probably be played at some point during every show with black characters, henceforth. #NewRules


9. Kendrick Lamar – ‘Alright’


Because what better feel good song than the feel good anthem?

8. Kap G – ‘Girlfriend’

A real player like tune from everybody’s favorite Mexican Atlien. It was also probably Daniel’s favorite song early on, especially being that it could be heard after he blew Issa’s back out in the studio.

7. Adrian Marcel – ‘Don’t Wake Up’

Don’t sleep on this track from this Bay Area crooner. Great placement.

6. Kamaiyah – ‘Niggas’

In the season finale, when Molly finally decides to own her own flaws and freak off with the young guy, what better soundtrack then rising West Coast superstar Kamaiyah’s ode to her “Niggas”.

5. Ty Dolla Sign x Jagged Edge – “Straight Up”

When Issa threw her entire relationship away by letting Daniel smash on that dusty studio couch, it was only appropriate that Ty Dolla Sign’s no feelings anthem was blaring in the background.

4.Thundercat – ‘Heartbreaks and Setbacks’

This was pretty much Issa and Lawrence’s theme song throughout.

3. Kamau – ‘Jusfayu’

When you’re Lawrence and you finally got your sh*t together for the sake of the relationship, only to find out that she creeped anyway. This is all you.

2. Sampha – ‘Timmy’s Prayer’

The British crooner’s somber ballad can be heard at the end of episode 7, when Lawrence’s worst fears are confirmed.


1.Kali Uchis – ‘Ridin Round’

This song really serves little purpose as far as the show goes. It’s literally the song that’s playing as Issa and Molly pull up to the frat party in the third episode. It just so happens that this is an incredibly fire song, from artist everybody ought to keep an eye on.

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