#TFSandChill: The New Web Series ‘BSU’ Offers an Interesting and Funny Perspective Of Black College Life

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So you go to a Predominately White Institute and you want to start an organization for minorities? Common sense would tell you that this sounds like headache even if you’re not one of us who lived through that ordeal. Well ‘BSU’ gives you a first hand and hilarious look into what that process is like.

Set on the campus of UCLA, a group of 5 underclassmen attempt to set up that campus’s Black Student Union. But campus red tape along with financial issues as well as the usual in house drama all stand to get in the way of the kids bringing to life an organization for UCLA’s limited but exceptional black populace.

The casts keeps you rolling all the while giving you the organizational side of the black college experience sans the usual Greek life cliches we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

The show, written by Ritza Bloom and Jahbrielle Henning features guest appearances by comedians @KevOnStage as well as the legendary Michael Colyar (how’d they pull that pleasant surprise off?) Also you’re going to wanna give up to for the series composer because the show features some of the hottest hip hop and RnB tracks of the moment.

As of press time the first four episodes up. The show is distributed via Issa Rae’s YouTube page. So follow and subscribe to that legend after you watch the first episode of BSU below.


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