The #BadTingsChallenge Is the Latest Internet Craze And It’s Taking Zoey Dollaz and The Trackburnaz To The Next Level

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First of all, congrats to Zoey Dollaz for all the work he’s put in and his progress made over the last two years. He went from another face in a very talent laced, yet crowded field of Miami artists, to an Epic Records signee with one of the biggest records in the country this year. He’s had co signs from everybody from Future to Diddy. He also dropped one of the more potent, yet under appreciated projects of this year in “Port Au Prince”.

But if you thought the Haitian prodigy was just gonna run through the money, blow a “Check” and be out you were wrong. Entirely. Just check the Innanetz. You’ve probably been noticing a trend of some the finest women on the ‘Gram singing a long to a silky track you may or may not be too familiar with.  It’s the #BadTingsChallenge and it’s the wave. It’s named after the official Epic Records backed second single from Zoey  which features  DB Bantino and  production by Valholla Ent managed producers The Track Burnaz.

However, for Zoey and his fellow Miami native producers this isn’t just a wave. The song has the potential to be one of the biggest songs in the nation on the heels of an internet craze a la “Black Beatles”. Zoey shows off his versatility is set on proving he’s about more than a check. Even though he can expect to get quite a few off of this. As for ‘The Track Burnaz, this is their introduction to the world at large and they’ll certainly be pushing the culture forward.

Check the challenge.

Now check the track.

Now get used to it.

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