#TFSandChill: Canadian Web Series ‘My Roommates An Escort’ Should Probably Be Your Next Binge

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I was blessed to have my two best friends as roommates for most of my adult life. Some people aren’t so lucky. Some are blessed enough to have a…sex worker as a roommate. We head to Toronto, Ontario to find out what this is like with the web series, ‘My Roommates An Escort’.

After going through theĀ long drawn out process of finding a roommate in pricey Toronto, Heather (Trish Rainone) meets Kesha ( Katie Uhlman) and alas all of her problems are solved. At least her roommate problems are.

When Kesha moves in, Heather’s real problems begin and her suspicions arise, that her new roommate is a **gasp** , Escort.

You’d have to see what Kesha puts the soft spoken, people pleasing Heather through, all the while Heather tries to figure how to address the elephant in the room that is becoming more and more obvious.


The great thing about ‘My Roommates An Escort’ is that the episodes are all short form (under 5 minutes) so you can binge watch the entire first season in under an hour!

Check out the first episode here to find out what the hell you do when your roommate is a (suspected) escort.


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