#TFSandChill: Timeless Guilt Web Series Digs Into The Many Layers and Intersections Of Tragedy


New York City. Eight million different stories many of them deserving of an Emmy or a Tony or something. It is the Big Apple after all. Timeless Guilt is a web series based in said city. Several unwitting young residents will eventually have their lives intertwined around a single series of tragedies.

Based on the eponymous named short film, released last year, Timeless Guilt stars and is written and directed by Benny Flames. After bearing witness to an unthinkable tragedy, one man struggles to find the best way to put it all behind him. Little does he know he would unwittingly become even more entangled in that tragedy as well as a series of other tragedies. The web series shows just how small the world is even in a city as big as NYC.

Not only do the city’s many stories intertwine, the grief and the guilt of different tragedies that are worlds apart somehow managed to come full circle. The decisions and demons of individuals triggered domino effects that turned many lives upside down.

Careful and purposeful writing is what separates good cinema from the average. It’s evident Benny Flames had a vision and the purpose and direction he had in mind as he crafted this script is on full display as the plot unfolds in the way we’ve wanted to see many of our favorite Netflix projects roll out. It started as a short film, but was later developed into a web series allowing us to dive deeper into the story.

The story line is one that keeps you guessing as well as engaged, definitely making this one of the more bingeworthy series, even despite the lengthiness of each episode.

You may want to check out the ‘Timeless Guilt’ short film first.

And then grab a bowl or three of popcorn because you’re going to get hooked on the series:

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