#TFSandChill: The Web Series ‘Wade’s World’ Is Back, Better and In Full Swing For Season 2!


Your favorite local L.A. Personal Trainer, Wade (Teagan Rose) is back and still trying to get it together in the second season of the acclaimed web series Wade’s World. In case you forgot, the series follows Wade, played by actor and the shows writer/creator Teagan Rose, who is a Personal Trainer in L.A. trying to get his business off the ground with celebrity clients and the like and also balance life and love in Sunny SoCal. Sounds simple enough, right.

Last we saw Wade, he was left in a bit of a sticky situation. Caught between exes, new flings and future flings and friend zones. Wade is living the life from the outside looking in. But anybody who’s ever been in any situation remotely close to Wade is going through, you know it’s not exactly ideal. To say the least.

Mind you, he’s trying to get a business off the ground in an already saturated market. I mean you’re trying to get clients for a personal training business in L.A. He’s also looking to attract celebrity clients. Oh and he’s also mixing business with pleasure on occasion. So good look with all that Wade. It’s your world bro.

Anyway if you missed season one you can go ahead and catch up on it either via YouTube or the Wade’s World website. But do make sure you tune into season 2 on the 2klifeTV YouTube channel!

Let’s see how Wade navigates his way through an entangled web that he just keeps on spinning for himself. In all fairness if his life sounds not too far from mine in my early twenties. I’m here to tell you if I can get through it, anybody can! Godspeed, Wade. You got this bro.

Here, check out the first episode of Season 2 right here and be sure to subscribe to the good folks over at 2klifeTv to catch more dope Web Series like Close Friends!


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