#TFSandChill: The Web Series “Tokens” Will Hit Home For Just About All College Educated Minorities


You just graduated and graduated and you landed that dream job in Silicon Valley. That dream becomes somewhat nightmarish when you realize there is nobody that looks like you for miles!

Its something a lot of us have experienced who have experienced any type of social/educational mobility. Well you’re not alone. Troy (played by Troy Dangerfield) and Stefan ( played by Stefan Dezil) of the new web series ‘Tokens’ are all of us! They struggle to rediscover or even discover their blackness as they are everything but the archetype black dudes.

The duo are close friends who work and reside in L.A, presumably north of I-10, where they don’t share a common ethnicity with most of the people around them. On top of that both of them display a inane type of awkwardness. Stefan, for example has a knack for asking women to marry them on the first date. Troy, meanwhile comes off as a very imposing figure until we realize he’s the type guy to spend his Saturdays watching anime and will whoop your ass — In chess.  In other words they’re the black friends white people are talking about when they say they have “plenty of black friends”.

The series looks to serve as cultural expose as Troy and Stephen try to connect with their “blackness” as they submerse themselves into the culture of Los Angeles below I-10, specifically Compton.

To be honest, this sh*t looks hillarious. Catch the trailer below and be sure to tune in for the series debut on May 31st.




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