#TFSandChill: The Web Series ‘Staged’ Is The Social Media Show The World Needs!


Social Media is a narcissist’s Disney land, a safe space for sociopaths, a haven for the insecure,  but most importantly it’s a lucrative endeavor for the digitally savvy. You can make what you want of it. The web series ‘Staged’ does just that, showcasing all of modern day social media in its a glory in despair.

The shows writers, Jardae Davis and Erika Dumore (who stars in the show as Elle) dub the show as social media inspired. With episode titles like “Everybody Isn’t Who They Post To Be”, we can get an idea about where the show is going.

The show features a group of friends who also happen to be social media stars bka influencers.  Each of them have their own sizable followings on social media for different reasons. From the inspirational life coach type to the glammy socialite, all of them have social media accounts that are popping across various platforms for a bunch of different reasons. Each of them also have unique stories. Life is more than pixels, videos, and red and white hearts, but who knew?

Staged is a look inside the world of social media that social media needs. Picture perfection is only screen deep and this web series serves as sort of an  exposè of Digital Hollywood.

Staged is carefully and well written and is just as entertaining and engaging as it is anaytical. It steers away from the usual love story that web series tend to gravitate towards and focuses instead on telling a realistic to life story and showcasing acting chops from talent worthy of being on the tube and even the big screen. It’s also proof that openly scripted television beats reality TV any day.

You don’t have to believe me, Take a look at the first episode below and be sure to subscribe to the series’ YouTube page to get your binge on of the first season.

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