#TFSandChill: The Make Up And Break Up Web Series Just Might Make You Happy That You’re Single


Listen. Relationships are some tiring shit. Relationships, situationships, situationals, or you-do-you-I-do-me’s.  Whatever. The shit is so complicated you literally have to make up new words to describe whatever it is you might be in these days. One common denominator  is headaches. The web series ‘Make Up and Break Up’ literally shows you every reason why there are headaches in every situation. One binge session of this great web series will leave you completely love sick and ready to break up with people you’ve never even met. Mission accomplished.

Created and directed by Eric Dickens the series Makeup and Breakup is already 4/5 the way through it’s 2nd season and has already picked up numerous awards such as ‘Best Web Series’ at the 2017 Black Film Festival But don’t worry you’re going to want to get your binge on to see just how these type of situations unfold. Set in modern day Brooklyn, New York City, the show is chalk full of third world problems that are enough to make you want to book a solo one way ticket to the Eastern hemisphere. Breakups, drama and infidelity are enough to give anyone anxiety including those on the outside looking in. That’s what the shows creators intended to do. This wasn’t intended to be another heart warming series with a happy conclusion. This is NYC b. That ain’t real life. Happy endings are a commodity and the dramatics are a dime a dozen, but people are people so love is always in the mix. Hence the name Makeup and Breakup. That dysfunctional dynamic is such a reality and it’s captured from all angles in this web series.

So check out the fourth episode in the second season, then be sure to get your #TFSandChill on and catch up!


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