#TFSandChill: The Web Series GIANTS Shows Us Why The Journey Is Just As Important As The Destination


If HBO’s ‘Insecure had a surrogate from the male perspective it would be the web series,GIANTS, which is being distributed by Issa Rae’s YouTube Channel.

The brainchild of filmmaker James Bland, the series is executive produced by Rae as well as Jussie Smollet of ‘Empire‘ fame. The show centers around millenials living in Los Angeles chasing their respective dreams all the while trying to get a grasp on adulthood while approaching their thirties. While we all know that the journey is just as valuable as the destination, the new series shows us the pitfalls of the journey and why it’s important to keep pushing

The show focusing on three friends who are struggling to make ends meet all the while chasing the dreams in the city of Angels. You know how hectic that can get. By any (legal-ish) means necessary is largely the motto for the trio.

The show intermixes the life of the grind with personal struggles as the characters navigate their own lives. The show sheds light on the oft overlooked notion that personal growth is very crucial, especially while chasing your dreams.

You can check it out as it is already three episodes in on Issa Rae’s YouTube Channel. Don’t be surprised if the series follows in Rae’s footsteps and finds its way to major network television.

Check it out episode one here and you’ll know why you’re going to want to catch up and subscribe!

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