#TFSandChill: The Web Series ‘Broken Hearts Division’ Served Up Just The Type of Justice We’re All Looking For On Valentine’s Day


Are you tired of people just breaking your heart and going on about their lives like nothing ever happened? Hurt no longer, the Broken Hearts Division is here and justice shall be served from henceforth.

This isn’t your average cop show. We’re not concerned with the larceny, battery and assault that goes on in the street here. We’re concerned with the crooks who steal hearts, embezzle trust, vandalize bonds and misappropriate love. These are crimes of the heart and the Broken Hearts Division is just what a lot of us needed on this Valentine’s Day.

Written by and starring Mackenzie ‘Mack’ Merriweather aka The Love Cop ¬†and directed by Scott Rogers ,the Broken Heart Division brings something fresh to the Web Series circuit. Mixing a cop drama (kinda, sorta) with a comedy twisted up with romantic sub plots, the series has something to keep everyone engaged. Arresting and busting bad guys is cool and all but even that gets cliche. We want to see the real offenders finally face the law!

You know that guy who promised you the world only for you to find out you were just his “girlfriend”, and he had a whole wife and kids? Imagine him facing the judicial consequences you know deep down he deserves to face. Or that girl who told you that you’re the one, only for you to find out she was getting smashed by her personal trainer. Sucks. But the Broken Hearts Division is here to serve and protect your heart in these heinous and formerly legal situations.

Check out the pilot episode below and subscribe to their YouTube page and expect to see more from the Broken Hearts Division!

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