#TFSandChill: The Third Season Of The Teenagers Web Series Is Here!

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Teenagers is not to be buried in what seems like the never ending flurry of melodramatic romantic web series. Aside from a not too common high quality of cinematography, the story line is carefully constructed in a way that while not everywhere at once, is still unpredictable enough to keep subscribers tuning in weekly.

After a wildly successful first two seasons (garnering a million + views) the Canada based web series returns for a third season. Not to be held back or boxed into a corner a safety, Teenagers isn’t afraid to go where a lot of series stop short of. Touching on everything from sexuality, to fidelity and even sexual assault, the show brings a no-holds-barred approach to the narrative of the modern day young person that we haven’t seen since, perhaps, the movie ‘Kids’.

Don’t let the name confuse you this isn’t a show for the Teenie Boppers.

The show, starring Chloe Rose (of Degrassi fame) and kl and created by M.H. Murray is currently in the fundraising stage for its third season.

Check out the prologue for the upcoming season, catch up and click here to donate so we can get this show on the road!

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