#TFSandChill: ‘The Process’ Web Series Is Here To Add Some Reality To Your Dreams As It Returns For Second Season


Everybody wants to be a star. So many people dream of a life of rubbing elbows with Hollywood elites all the while being considered as such ourselves by excelling in the limelight via the big screen, small screen or computer screen, and one day seeing their name etched in a star on Hollywood Blvd. Dreams. We all have them.

What’s often overlooked is “The Process”. That’s just what David Hunter’s web series seeks to show. The process isn’t always pretty and it can often have you feeling defeated and depressed and wreak havoc on what’s most important to you along the way to achieving your dreams. The second season of the series is underway, and it continues to give viewers a realistic,non sugar coated look into what life is really like when pursuing one’s Hollywood dreams.

‘The Process’ follows Nathaniel (played by Hunter) as he is a struggling actor in L.A. As he gets closer to his dreams the more important aspects of his life seem to become more and more unraveled, specifically his marriage to Dani ( Amaris Davidson). Nathan’s career is finally starting to gain traction after all these years. However after a mishap he finds his marriage to Dani, who is a social worker as well as the breadwinner for the couple. Nathan struggles to find balance as a hell of a lot of things hinge on his marriage to Danielle.

Check out the first episode and be sure to subscribe to the series’ YouTube’ channel and catch up!

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