#TFSandChill: The ‘Mistake’ Web Series Is All About Moving Forward After Tragedy


Often times the matriarch is the fabric of the black family. When that matriarch passes on sometimes all hell breaks loose in the absence of that fabric. That’s exactly what the Web Series ‘Mistake’ goes to show.

The show, written by Nicolette Ellis, centers around Melissa Wright and her family.¬†Not only is Melissa going through the life altering motions of losing a parent, the effects have also taken it’s toll on her children, as her daughter is in therapy, still reeling from missing her grandmother. The death is also having adverse affects on her relationship with her partner Shawn, a childhood friend who stepped up to the plate to help a young Melissa raise her children. ¬†Shawn has been having to spend extra time at work to account for the expenses and time lost that often follows a death of loved one.

Three episodes in and the show does its due diligence in pulling in an audience, with it’s attention to character development and interloping story lines. In the midst of tough times one’s character and over principles are challenged and reassessment takes place. That’s how ‘Mistake’ grabs the audience. You’re sure to be tuning in week after week to see how each character copes and adjusts to their life going forward, while also navigating the outside influences that will no doubt make things interesting for them as they progress.

Ellis and co. were nice enough to condense the first two episodes into one video. Get introduced to the Mistake crew with the first two Episodes below. After you get hooked go ahead and subscribe to watch how everything unfolds going forward!

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