#TFSandChill: ‘The C-Word’ Web Series Proves Playas F Up Too..In Case You Forgot (Watch)


Washington, D.C. boasts some of the most beautiful women anywhere in this great nation. Maybe even in the world. So no wonder it would be hard for a young man to walk the straight and narrow and commit to just one. This ocean really is teeming with some of the most exotic of fish. Just ask Nyle (Patrick Pierre), the main character in Jessica Gold’s new web series ‘The C-Word’. 

The series is focuses on a group of young men and women, navigating their way through the swamp that is this hectic D.C. dating scene. Already, in the pilot episode, Nyle finds himself messing up. Why have just one beautiful woman, when you can have two? But will Nyle remember the golden rule?

The fact is with so many focused, attractive and well to do people of African descent living in the DMV, both sexes have plenty of options. It’s all about staying self discipline and maintaining the ability to stay on point. That’s the only thing that separates individuals from the crowd in this city where love can often just be a fleeting feeling . Can Nyle and the rest of the characters stay on point?

Check out the pilot episode below to find out. Be sure to subscribe to the Redefine Woman TV YouTube channel which airs the series to watch the episodes begin to rollout.



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