#TFSandChill: ‘Speed Dating’ Is Still A Thing? Yup. There’s A Web Series About It


I thought the whole concept of Speed Dating would be antiquated by now. You know, with Tinder and the like. But apparently Speed Dating business is still up and running just fine.  Producer Ron Downes Jr (WheresDiggity) decided to see if he could play matchmaker by gathering a group of people and running a speed dating experiment of his own on his aptly titled web series, ‘Speed Dating’.

From the onset it pretty much seems clear why people are still single even with the options at hand. The characters that we encounter are hilarious but understandably single. From narcissistic Nigerians,  to obsessive compulsive chattie patties, the speed dating circuit is just as much of a headache as the swipe swipe right universe.

Their lives, our entertainment. The dating debacles make for great content and an interesting web series . It’s not your average dating show. See what you’re missing (or not missing) in the world of Speed Dating with  Downes’ hilarious new web series. Check out the first episode below and be sure to subscribe to catch up on all of the rest of the episodes as they roll out.


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