#TFSandChill: Shock Nation Web Series ReIntroduces The World To Baltimore


It’s been almost an entire decade since arguably, the world’s most iconic TV show, ‘The Wire’,aired it’s last episode. Since then the city of Baltimore, Maryland has been in and out of the spotlight for various reasons. The Web Series ‘Shock Nation’  brings the streets of ‘B-More’ back to the forefront. Albeit in a very different way than ‘The Wire’ and recent current events.

While Baltimore is Baltimore and it’s many inner city plagues are inescapable and ever present in Shock Nation, the narrative focuses on a teenage girl name Sachi. Despite the ills that come with growing up where she is growing up, young Sachi tries to be a beacon of light and navigate her way through the mean streets of the Charm City and fulfill her destiny of greatness without succumbing to the pitfalls of her environment.

The Web Series was created by Baltimore writer/director/actor Kimia Workman, who also happens to play the lead role of Sachi. The show also stars budding actors Lauren Dorsy, Derek Quick, Parris Watkins, and Sofia Pellegrino to name a few.

Already 8 episodes in, the shows easily digestible 15 minute episodes make the show easy to binge during a #TFSandChill session, so you can feel free to do what you came to do after you get all caught up.   make sure you subscribe to Kimia’s YouTube channel to follow all things Shock Nation. Catch episode 8 below!




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