TFSandChill: One Of The Funniest Web Series You Watched All Of Last Year Is Back For It’s 2nd Season


You’ve done something right if you’re able to ring out a second season. Even in the YouTube space. What’s more is you know you’ve done something right if you’ve been able to (actually) make people laugh with your show. Well Joseph Angelo Menconi and Kyle Anderson  have done precisely that with their Web Series, “Blurred”.

The show centers around two bros who will stop at nothing in their relentless pursuit of the grinning-cat-face-with-smiling-eyes in L.A. The show picks right back up where they left off and in episode one of the second season they’ve upped their ante as they continue to pull out all the stops in their pursuit of getting laid. The season kicks off with an “extravagant” dinner party. But as usual the pair might  be in over the heads.

The show brings back the classic style of duo comedy rarely seen in recent years. Think a more modernly refined version of  and Garth.

Check out this season’s first episode and subscribe to keep track of what Joe and Kyle will be up to next!

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