#TFSAndChill : Let Avant-Guardians Be Your Short, Funny, and Woke Binge Watch For Tonight


We all could use a Guardian Angel, amirite? But what happens when your guardian angel needs a guardian angel? Or better yet your guardian angel needs therapy?

That’s exactly the case on the Web Series ‘Avant- Guardians’. The show centers around the therapy sessions between Razz (Alesia Etinoff), a bright, well intentioned yet slightly harried guardian angel and her Therapist, Dr. Hanniel (Zainab Johnson). Razz is presently tasked with being the guardian of a young human by the name of Creepy Charlie. As you can imagine being a guardian angel isn’t for the faint of heart (because that would be a human flaw, duh), but it can even prove too much for Razz to bear sometimes, even in all her immortality.

As a guardian angel, Razz witnesses first hand the full gamut of human emotions and modern issues and these serve as the premises of her and Dr. Hanniel’s sessions and the show itself. Each session focuses on a different issue or set of issues that Razz encounters in her dealings with the earth. Topics such as bullying, depression, homophobia, racism and sexism are just a few of the subject matters covered in the premier season of the web series.

The show manages to keep a solid comedic thread while tackling the many social issues of this world under the guise of the divine supernatural. The show’s creators, Johnson and Etinoff range as comedians, feminists and overall woke people is on full display and this web series serves as the perfect medium for their aptitudes. What makes this show all the more digestable (or ‘bingeable’) is the fact that the episodes are short and sweet, with none of them reaching over 5 minutes.

The show has a job to do and even in such a short window, every episode effectively serves it’s purpose. We are drawn in by Razz’s passion and Dr. Hanniel’s soothing wisdom and also challenged to think critically about the world around us without being ran off by the hyperwoke, Social Justice Warrior-ism we have grown accustomed to over the past couple of years. When you can be entertained, upifted and mentally stimulated there’s really nothing left to be desired. ‘Avant-Guardians’ delivers on all of the above.

Check out the first episode below and make sure you go ahead and subscribe and get your binge on real quick (literally).

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