#TFSAndChill : James And Bebe The Web Series Shows What Happens When You Probably #TFSandChill A Little Too Much


Too much of anything is never a good thing, right? Just ask James. All he does is watch black movies and TV shows, which we more than condone here at TFSLifestyle. Problem? He tends to become one with his favorite characters in his favorite movies and loses sight of that thick line between reality and fantasy. Luckily his sister and roommate, Bebe is always right by his side and serves as his voice of reason.

James and Bebe is a web series shot in D.C. by the good folks over at Write The Film Studios.  It follows the adventures of James (Jalen Crawford), who lives vicariously through his favorite black characters and his sister and roommate Bebe (Mary Robinson) who serves as a voice of reason. But as we find out as early as episode 1, James is gonna James.

The show serves as not only just another black web series, but a nod to black culture via classic black cinema and T.V. as well as HBCUs (James and Bebe’s apartment is decked out with HBCU memorabilia). It also adds an element of classic comedy we haven’t seen a while by filming in front of live studio audience. Okay, well not exactly. But the show does give the live studio audience feel with laughing cues to add to the humor, giving us that classical sitcom feel of the 90s.

James and Bebe seeks to make black sitcoms great again. Not they ever fell off. But we can’t help but get a sense of nostalgia, even just one episode in. Whether it’s the live studio audience effect or the nods to classic black films, this web series is definitely what you would call ‘For The Culture’.

Check out the first episode below and be sure to subscribe for updates as the first season unfolds!


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