#TFSandChill: Jack Dishel’s Web Series DRYVRS Fourth Episode Will Scare You Straight…Maybe


Musician/Actor/Director Jack Dishel obviously puts a lot of time, money and effort into his Web Series DRYVRS. It isn’t your average web series with new releases every week. We were first introduced into Dishel’s hilarious brainchild almost two years ago. This week the fourth episode of the second season was released and it was worth the wait.

The show is about the Dishel’s character’s interesting encounters with his various car sharing drivers when maneuvering around through New York City. Interesting is an understatement. If you recall in the first episode his driver happened to be Macaulay Culkin reprising his role of, you guessed it,  Kevin McCallister. Yea, he never exactly recovered from missing that family vacation.

In this episode Dishel’s Driver, played by Steven Weber thinks he’d make a great horror writer and tries to scare Jack while driving him  to no avail. Jack offers his two cents on how to scare people and the two create the perfect horror flick. This episode also features actor Kevin Pollack and sees Culkin make a return appearance.  All from the back of an “Uber”. Check out how that went down on episode four of DRYVRS.

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