#TFSandChill: Four Seasons Later On The Scene Web Series Is Still Putting On For Their City!


The Web Series On The Scene, continues to enjoy somewhat of a Cinderella story run in the combustable world of streamable shows. The Oklahoma City based show is enjoying a run, that nobody would have expected for a web series based in a city that we don’t typically associate with entertainment. But nonetheless OTS is still popping. Four seasons later.

Earlier this week the drama┬ápicked up right where it left off kicking off it’s fourth season. Focusing on the thrills and drama that comes with being young, black, successful and living in a major city, you already know that the show is chalk full of complex and entertaining narratives that prove life in OKC is way more than what you’re thinking if you’re one of the handful of people who have been sleeping on this series.

In just under three years, creator Nicole Jocleen has took the series to levels unheard of for a lot of shows. What started off as a Novel about life in her hometown has grown into a show which has amassed a sizable following of thousands of subscribers in viewers.

If you’re not hip just yet, you’re best bet is to take a moment to binge watch the series by subscribing to On The Scene’s YouTube channel. By the time you’re caught up you’ll understand what keeps people hooked week after week and season after season. Check out episode one of Season four of On The Scene below. The episode is titled, “Do You Know Your Little Girlfriend Tried To Jump Me?” and that should tell you what you need to know about how it goes down On The Scene.

Check it out.


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