#TFSAndChill: ‘Bad Web Series’ Is Actually A Really Good Web Series. But It’s Still a Bad Web Series

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The ‘Bad Web Series’ is almost through it’s entire first Season so now is probably the best time to get your binge on. It’s your stereotypical black web series. Equipped with the usual drama, relationship issues, dysfunction and the like we’ve grown accustom to see,  ‘Bad Web Series’ is the comic relief we’ve all been looking for in these series in the form of a parody.

The show features ‘bad’ filming combined with ‘bad’ actors and even worse production, which makes it the worse web series you’ll ever watch, while still being one of the best web series you’ll ever see. The show, while a nod to the growing number of web series –black web series in particular — it pokes fun at the worst of them.

The thing is we are all happy to see young (and some not so young) black folks creating our own film ecosystem and giving life to the notion of a black Hollywood. I spend hours not only watching all the best and (and I really hate to say it but) worst that the internets have to offer in the way of Web Series. I see a whole lot of brilliance, but I see a whole lot of – let’s just say, novelty cinema. ‘Bad Web Series’ is a nod to some of the web series that have–ehhhh room for improvement.

From cliche storylines, to way overly dramatic acting, to way under dramatic acting, to poor lighting, to obvious descrepancies in screen play (i.e. bad screen shifts), to bad editing, Bad Web Series pokes goes over the edge in a comedic way, hillariously pointing out the worst of the worst.

The series follows a group of friends, that have a variety of relationship issues among them and no shortage of drama. Sounds familiar? You’re damn right it does. But that’s the point. The series is a roast of the brilliance that is the black web series circuit a la Scary Movie or Not Another Teen Movie.

The clever concept is the brainchild Of B.E. Cre8ive, creator of ‘D.C. Yuppies‘, one of the better web series that constitute the black web circuit. Take a look at the parody web series and enjoy for it all it’s worth. Lighten up and enjoy a laugh at the expense of this ‘bad’ web series. Already most of the way through it’s first (of hopefully more) season, now is the perfect time to get your #TFSandChill on and binge watch it this holiday season. Take a look at the episode one below!




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