#TFSandChill: Apparently Some Guy Name Brian May or May Not Be A F*ckboy and You Need To Watch His Web Series To Find Out Why


What is a ‘f*ckboy*? The term has been thrown around heavily for the last five years or so and most men have been hit with the label at some point in their lifetime, rightfully or not. Still, I don’t think anybody knows the exact definition, if there is indeed, just one definition. Brian is an upcoming (aka struggling) comedian living in New York City who has been catching the label a lot as of late and he can’t figure out why.

He’s the star of a web series named after him and focused on his life as a young, broke single playboy in the Big Apple. Aka a young man’s dream. He’s just doing what he’s supposed to do all the while trying to keep his bank account in the green.

But not everyone sees things his way and any situation he gets into never amounts to anything aside from a situationship. Not that he’d have it any other way, he’s cool. But the women he encounters seem to have different ideas for their needs and desires. Most of them anyway. Such is life though.

The disconnect ultimately earns Brian the infamous ‘F*ckboy’ label and he honestly just wants to figure out why. Watch how he navigates through all this in the web series ‘Brian’ created by Jordan Riggs and stars Bryan Thompson¬†who also stars in the series.

Check out Episode three below and be sure to subscribe as the episodes roll out.


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