@Taxstone Presents Tax Season Podcast: The Lost Episode


Brooklyn native Taxstone has long been on of the most interesting and equally influential on all of Twitter. Tax is a type of guy that you don’t see too much of these days. A seemingly genuine street dude, who stands on principles and respects the cultures. However one thing he doesn’t do his hold back or sugar coat his opinion.
His unapologetic authenticity has made him a Social Media fave. It is also the reason his podcast, Tax Season, has absolutely taken off. His interviews are usually epic and no holds-bar and most importantly relevant to the culture.

He recently celebrated his birthday so he was on vacay and didn’t record a new episode this week. However his engineer uncovered a previously recorded and unreleased episode of Taxseason. The episode features NYC stripper, turned beauty entrepreneur Cardi B, as well as entrepreneur Vida Bella. Podcast legend Combat Jack also dropped by the show for a quick second.

After you peep this episode check out Tax’s Soundcloud page for the other even more legendary episodes.

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