#ShortFilmSundays: ‘WeAre Lovers’ Is A Quick Guide Of How To Open A Woman’s Heart


All month the legendary filmmaker and actress Issa Rae (Insecure) has been bringing to the forefront the ‘We Are’ Film series on her YouTube channel via her Short Film Sundays series. The We Are Short Film series (not written or produced by Rae) is an anthology of short films about a group of young women from Austin, Texas as they find themselves growing through the many of the trappings of adulthood and life in general such as friendships, relationships, self-esteem, careers and the like.

The latest in the We Are series is ‘We Are Lovers’. This piece introduces us to a newly met guy and a girl who have their own distinct outlooks about life and love. But things are always a bit awkward in the beginning stages of seeing someone. As the guy in this short would find out it’s all about finding a way to forge a connection in order to give both parties what they ultimately want.

In just ten minutes, We Are Lovers serves up a quick expose on modern romance. As a woman with her guard up encounters a man who’s had his own challenges in his dating life, the one thing that enables a fire to light is the fact their open. In just over ten minutes viewers get to see the power of openness and permeable walls as opposed to the steel cages people put up to guard their heart.

Salute to WeAre Lovers for doing their part to restore hope for the hopeless romantics. Check out the latest in the We Are’ film series below. Be sure to subscribe to Issa Rae’s YouTube channel and check for We Are short films as they,ve been rolling out for the past few Sundays.


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