#ShortFilmSunday: Journey To The Motherland With The Short Film and Modern Day Folktale ‘Witch Hunt’


Issa Rae continues supporting and championing the culture with her Short Film Sunday Series. On the first Sunday of every month Rae features a short film by a creator from the community via her YouTube page. February’s edition come straight from the bush of the motherland. Africa.

‘Witch Hunt’ is tale of betrayal and conflict. One young girl must choose between her instincts and a superstition which she believes is the only hope for survival. This modern folktale has all the feels of a tale from your childhood. Set in an undisclosed location in Africa, the film follow the narrative of Binnie a young girl who serves a protege for a witch doctor who tells her that she has what it takes to replace him.

However, her loyalty and her moral compass is challenged when she is expected to kill a young hunchback boy that she has been watching.

The film brings together a wealth of interpersonal conflict as well as fatal flaws in just the short 22 minutes that pull you in right out the gate. All in all it’s a heart warming tale with all the feels of your favorite folklore from your childhood. Salute to Solomon Onita Jr for creating this gem.

Enjoy it  below!

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