#ShortFilmSunday: I Know The Sunset Short Film Is Monagamy’s Worst Nightmare and A Great Film

Every love story starts with a boy and a girl, right? Right. But we all know that it’s never that simple. The short film‘I Know The Sunset‘ is a story about a boy and a girl. And it it’s not the simple.

Directed by Artemus Jenkins of  Christmas and July 1982, ‘I Know The Sunset’ is a film that follows a happy couple doing happy couple things. They’re happy together. The end. But no. Their relationship is more of a getaway. Because “the girl”, Ebony (Binta Diallo Hamilton) is in a loving relationship (sans the loving) and it’s not with “the boy” D’Angelo (Stephen Cofield, Jr. )

The film takes a look at a relationship on the brink and explores what happens when one or more participants in the relationship finds happiness elsewhere. It might make some who can relate uncomfortable, but it’s a needed expose of the ins, outs, complications and everything else that comes along with infidelity.

We see two happy individuals in a “relationship” but are shocked when we find out the catch. Such is life. Sometimes the perfect relationship is just an escape. A lot of us   Too many of us have been on both sides of that.

KarynRose Bruyning directed short film may trigger some of us who’ve been in such situations, but that’s what it’s supposed to do. Every love story starts out as about a boy and a girl. But after a relatively short amount of time we all learn it’s NEVER that sweet and innocent. ‘I Know The Sunset’ serves as your friendly reminder.

Checkout the film below!

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