Shaun Storms Showcase powered by @8and9 Ep. 7 featuring Ron Slyda

In the final installment of this seasons #ShaunStormShowcase I was privileged to catch up with Ron Slyda at the 8 and 9 clothing showroom for a rare media appearance by the artist. For this reason he had a lot to say. Slyda refuses to be boxed in as just another artists from the streets of Miami or even just another street rapper. He has a story to tell and feels blessed enough to be able to tell it through music. “Blue Summer: Recollections of a Poetic Drunk” is his most recent full length project and the name says it all. Having recently just signed a deal with the powerhouse franchise, Valholla, Slyda shares the story behind that, his story, what drives him as well as shares the truth about his struggle as well as his progression as a man and as a artist. Ladies and Gents get familiar with Ron Slyda.

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