Sanaa Lathan Kindly Reminds Us That Bald is Beautiful For Her Latest Role on ‘Nappily Ever After’


Idk what else to tell you besides Sanaa Lathan is one gorgeous human being. It has never been more apparent (actually it’s always been apparent) than now as, she took to Instagram proudly sporting a bald dome.







Nah, she’s not going 2007 Brittney Spears on us, don’t worry. It’s actually for a new movie she’s starring in, ‘Nappily Ever After’ which will be released on Netflix. The movie is based on the novel by Trisha R. Thomas, where the gorgeous Sanaa will play the lead role of Violet Jones. Jones is a uber successful career boyfriend with a great relationship and a seemingly perfect life. But after an accident at the salon, Jones is forced to cut her hair and things slowly began to become unhinged in her life. She’s forced to embrace her new, ultra natural look and eventually finds confidence and strength in it.

Shouldn’t be too hard being that she’s Sanaa Lathan and all.

The film has been in production in Atlanta for the last month or so and is slated for an Easter 2018 release on the Flix.

Anyway let’s just take time to appreciate Sanaa¬†and all her glory.

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