Producers Track Burnaz live out all their ‘Glory’ With New LP (Review)


The Track Burnaz have had one hell of a year. And we’re only three quarters of the way through it! After having placements on two of the year’s biggest commercial releases ( Future’s HNDRXX and Big Sean’s “I Decided”) ,  as well as production credits for Zoey Dollaz latest single ‘Bad Tings‘ The production trio now have an entire offering of their own with their new LP ‘Glory’.

Usually when producers do albums it’s more about showcasing their instrumental prowess than their own vocal or lyrical artistic ability, therefore they are flush with varying guest appearances that often end up sounding more like compilations. While, ‘Glory’ isn’t completely void of that formula, the album is a cohesive stream, that showcases not only the Burnaz crazy production skills, we also get a lot of vocals from JB, Ruben Raymond and Briggs that do  more than enough to prove the fact that the trio’s talent extends far beyond the boards.

We’re directly introduced to this fact as soon as we push play and hear ‘Still A Win’.  Long gone are the days of the mellow that instrumental or preface that we used to know as a traditional intro. In this day and age you better come with it on track uno because attention is at an all time premium. The Burnaz covered all bases on ‘Still A Win’ that brings in the album with a bang as the woofer thumping beat drops after about a minute’s worth of buildup. The reflective, yet fun track finds the duo reflecting on all their setbacks that got them to the winning position they are in now.

The follow up track ‘Not Enough’ pulls in seamlessly as they recruit Hurc and E.L.F.B to talk about their ambitious goals over their signature upbeat high-midtempo sound.

The album’s signature track and lead single is ‘Dope’. The song is an ode to the group’s hustle and new found success with its magnetic hook.

This is a track that you’d want to finish off the warm weather season with your top back, or roof back and ride around too. Trust me, your speakers will thank you.

The album then takes a turn toward relaxed and personal with the LP’s sixth track that finds them remixing Kirby Maurier’s ‘Kool Out’. The smooth and relaxing RnB cut couldn’t have been more appropriately titled. Kirby and The Burnaz provide us with the perfect background song for a night in with S.O.S. You know, the whole #TFSandChill routine.

Kool Out proves to be the perfect segue into the soulful apologetic ‘That Way’. The track finds the group (along with the help of Bo Napolean) asking for understanding and patience from their significant others as their success continues to bring along the temptations and lustful pitfalls that come with the territory. Think Donnell Jones meets Drake as far as content goes. Sounds like a win.

The album then closes out how it began, with another celebratory and energetic banger. The title track,  ‘Glory’ finds the duo basking in the fruits of their labor as the album comes full circle.

“My whip look like glory …Mercy Me..Mercy Me…I got a b*tch look like glory…Mercy Me”.

The synth filled, energetic and bass thumping beats by the Burnaz are more than enough to keep you hooked from front to back. But what separates this from other albums by producers is that it is an actual cohesive album with the trio’s talents being showcased in more ways than one. Balance, order and a natural flow as well as personality are the keys that make this album a solid listen as opposed to a compilation of hot beats.

Whether you’re working out or cruising through your city, ‘Glory’ certainly has a place on your playlist from beginning to end.

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