#MusicMonday: @PhillMySoul Is Determined To “Make It Work” With His Latest Video


What do you do when your back’s against the wall and the clock is ticking on your own relationship knowing there is no over time in real life and rematches hardly ever carry same the flame as their precursors? You Make It Work, of course.

That’s exactly what Phill is determined to do in his latest visual effort for ‘Make It Work‘. The melancholy tune has somewhat of a feel good tinge to it, as hope and determination serve as theme over a drum and pattern that could easily get the stiffest of heads (||) to bob.

The part about the video that any guy who’s ever been in love can appreciate is the way the relationship dynamic is flipped. In the beginning the guy (Phill) is chasing his love interest, begging for her to stay, assuming the standard assumption of relationships gone awry – A man’s mistake(S). However the roles are switched as the young lady begins to plead with Phill for mercy and understanding. It takes two people to take responsibility for their faults and actions in order to ‘Make It Work’.

We see you Phil!

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