#MusicMonday: @PhillMySoul Celebrates ‘Melanin’ With His Latest Single

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Melanin is still such an underrated chemical. If it’s a chemical. Whatever it is, it isn’t celebrated nearly enough in society. Thankfully, PhillMySoul┬áis here to say F*ck that. The Atlanta -by way of Virginia- artist let’s the ladies know that all shades are appreciated.

‘Melanin’ is a season appropriate melancholy track that the ladies will love and fellas with any kind of taste whatsoever will rock out to as well. Yes, find you an artist who can do both. On the track Phil serenades the ladies and let’s them know they’re all beautiful no matter the skin tone. Because, sometimes you just need a friendly reminder.

The track goes down smoother than a shot of Ciroc, chased with Raspberry Simply. It’s an instant add to any cuffing season playlist.

Just take a listen below:

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