#MusicMonday: Music Continued To Propel Starz Number ONE Show ‘Power’. Here are SZN Four’s Ten Best Songs (Playlist)


Over the past four years we’ve grown to love the Starz hit series, Power for a plethora of reasons. Most character’s are fatally flawed in one way or another and many audience members have become emotionally invested in the show tuning in week after week to find out if our villain(s) has his or her day to meet their fate. Admit it. You’re strange guilty pleasure is tuning into Starz every Sunday (SUNDAY) to see someone get bodied. It’s cool.

But what has also been an attractive staple within the Starz powerhouse is the music. This year was no slouch. Although this season left a lot to be desired as far as sex scenes and subsequently the extraordinarily parallel tunes that went along with took a hit as well. But what the season lacked in lust, it more than made up for with a new focus on Tarantino-esque type graphically raw violence and gore. We loved it. Along with this turn toward savagery came a class of music that was refreshingly gritty and raucous yet still soulfully melodic when the situation called.

The music supervisors searched for and wide once again and found the right sounds from artists both known and unknown to occupy the background this season. From heavyweights such as PartyNextDoor to up and comers like Troyse and Bellringer, Power’s great scoring legacy continued in Season four. We can’t wait to hear what Season 5 has in store for us.

Anyway here are our favorite tracks from this season. We even put it playlist form so you can take the sounds of Power with you when you’re on the go.


10. Jaykae – ‘Toothache’

That grimey British song you hear as Sandoval lies dying. That’s Manchester, UK’s own Jaykae’s hit song toothache

9. Kenny Buttons – Criticize

As the credits rolled at the end of episode 9, also rolled.

8. Kwabs – Forgiven

The track plays at the beginning of Episode 6 “New Man” as Ghost showers and metaphorically cleanses himself of his past. But of course he isn’t exactlt absolved. Great song choice, though.

7. Matthew Bento x Matthew Goodman – Talk To Me

This is what we here when Tasha decides to go back to her Hoe ways and smooch the sneaky lawyer Silver in episode 7. 😡😡😡. Gotta love the track, though.

6. Falcons – Aquafina

Cash this 🔥 tune in Episode 6

5. Bellringer – This is My Reality

This is what Tariq likes to get lit to. He pours up a 4 of that drank as this pours out the speakers in episode 7.


4. Ace Iverson – No Time

When the late (not so great) Brains and Big Country are plotting their lick with Tariq this street banger can be heard knocking in the speakers.

3. James Blake– Forever

Just admit it. You cried as Ray Ray pulled out the pistol and assassinated poor Raina at the end of Ep. 9. This gloomy, yet likable song certainly didn’t help the mood as you saw Raina’s lifeless body hit the ground. R.I.P. Raina.

2. Troyse – Pusher

You heard this at the Beginning of Episode 9. Troyse has that heat!

1.Vince Staples– Dopeman

This West Coast Banger is what was knocking as Tommy and Keisha shared a blunt after doing the knock knock in Episode 5.


Check out our Power playlist presented by Spotify.





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