#MusicMonday: Dyna Edyne’s New Video For ‘FLY’ Will Make You Love RnB Again


Dyna Edyne is giving RnB it’s groove back. Her latest video for the single ‘FLY’ is proof of that. The feel good video is reminiscent of the soulful visuals that those of us who grew up on 90’s became accustomed to.

If you’re out the loop and one of the few who aren’t hip to the soulful crooning of Dyna Edyne, ‘FLY is but a peak into the refreshing music world of the South Florida singer. Her latest album ,’Branches’, where you can find FLY, is full of soulful tunes that explore love as well as the nuances and beauty of life.

Edyne, who has also dubbed herself as “The Treewoman” keeps a soulful sound throughout the aptly titled┬áBranches project represents a good time from an artist that is destined to leave her footprint on music. She’s not here to be a digital one and doner as it’s evident that she takes her craft serious and has a bevy of meaningful product to offer your speaker.

FLY is aromatic of all of the above. The song and the video represent the album and Dyna perfectly. Check out the video for FLY below. Afterwards you’ll be nothing less than compelled to go get more acquainted via Apple Music and Tidal.

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