#InternationalWednesday : Emeli Sande x Jay Electronica x Aine Zion Take You Into the Garden

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British songstress Emeli Sande’s latest album ‘LongLive The Angels’ has proven to be quite the gem. Coming out of a breakup, we were expecting nothing but powerful music that takes the listener along for a ride along every single wave of emotions that comes with the scenario. The London starlet did nothing short of that as she delivered an album capable of touching all cords.

Her first single, ‘Garden‘ just so happens to be a melancholy yet very sexy tune that features a rare appearance from a low key American rap legend. SandeĀ is in full recovery mode as she rediscovered hers beauty and the beauty of loveĀ that the world never lost sight of in the Jay Electronica assisted ‘Garden’.

Sande released the video Tuesday, which couldn’t have a more appropriate background and features Emeli as we’ve never seen her, but could definitely get used to seeing her. The song and video also features an appearance from Aine Zion as well as several fashionable co stars in a very well landscaped garden somewhere in the countryside.

Check out the video and make sure you check out Long Live The Angels


Photo Cred: Rolling Stone

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