#InternationalWednesday: Tosh Alexander Links Up With The Legendary Ky-Mani Marley For The Energetic Reggae That We Needed


Anytime you hear the name Marley, you expect greatness. Not hope for, but expect. It’s human nature. Jamaican songstress Tosh Alexander had to know that when she hit the legendary Ky-Mani Marley for some audio link up. True to form they delivered a banger with ‘911’ which was appeared on her album ‘Worth The Wait’. Now the video is here and it, too, was worth the wait.

The energetic collaborative record about a sudden and intrusive, and at the same time evasive love affair comes with a video that put a creative and sexy spin on the track. However, it doesn’t veer far from the records theme, which seems to be a popular wave in this new era of music videos, where directors vie for attention. The visuals for ‘911’ are throughly entertaining without voiding the needĀ for a music video.

The video features Tosh as an unsuspecting burglary victim, turned love struck hostage in her own home as the young Marley comes in and does his thing like a true Shotta. Call 911!

The track itself has the power and energy that could have it mentioned among the best RnB/reggae blends. It’s off Tosh’s album ‘Worth The Wait’ which is available on all streaming platforms and is 100% worth checking out if you’re looking to get the best of both worlds of Reggae/Dancehall and RnB.

‘911’ exemplifies the album for all it’s worth. Check out the video below!

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