#InternationalWednesday: Startzy Wants A “Silent Ting” That Won’t Kiss and Tell In His Latest Video


London is way lit and always has been. You just may or may not have knew. Why, because dem like di ‘Silent Tings’ ya dunno?? One of the city’s most promising and revered stars, Startzy (no pun) has the Caribbean roots on full display in his latest video, for Silent Ting.

Startzy is all about turning up and having a good time but you need to keep it hush hush if you’re turning up with him. His latest video features some of London’s most lush women tings, set to a dancehall inspired riddim that will have you ready to book a plane ticket for Nottingham carnival come August.  The track effortly fuses Grime with Dancehall, the two sounds that inspire and in so many ways define so much of not only the music in London, but the culture itself. It’s a wave that we, as Americans are starting to get used to hearing and should continue to get used to hearing, as Startzy is one of quite a few British artists with a transatlantic worthy sound.


You can find The song on his new EP, With All Due Respect, which is available for Pre Order on iTunes.

See what the ‘Silent Tings’ are all about in the video below!

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