#InternationalWednesday: London’s Own NBV’s (@NothingButVibez) Single ‘Bartender’ Is Nothing But Vibes.


Pardon my lateness but there’s a four month delay and that’s perfectly fine sometimes when you’re getting some low key heat from way cross the pond. This week’s audio bonfire comes courtesy of NBV aka Nothing But Vibez as his hit single ‘Bartender’ lives up to his name.

The song is a great vibe. To say the least. It’s high energy track, that certainly draws more than it’s share of inspiration from dancehall. Word is, that it was a crowd favorite at Notting Hill Carnival a few weeks ago as many a wine were given out to this madd tune.

While not much is known is about the artist, what we do know is the video is reminsicent of some of the best nights in London. ‘Bartender’ is certainly ‘Nothing But Vibez’. It will probably be eating up the airwaves in Great Britain in the coming months, but honestly the track has what it takes to transcend the continents.

Don’t believe me? Cool.

See and hear for yourself.


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