International Wednesday: These Are Ten Artists NOT From North America You Need To Look Out For In 2017

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2016 was a fantastic year musically speaking. We saw the revival of great artists from eras past and we were introduced to some of brightest stars of the futures. From Lil Uzi Vert to Young M.A. to Lil Yachty to Nav to Dave East, we saw some of the most promising stars of tomorrow finally get their shine on a world stage this year. That was just in North America! In 2017 as the world only continues to become more globally intertwined, we expect music to continue to experience the same phenomena.

In 2017 we will see a slew of artists from places that we may or may not even think of when it comes to music from all continents. Long gone are the days where hip hop music or mainstream music in general is geographically dominated by the usual suspects such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Toronto.

Here are 10 artists from outside North America you can  expect to see more of in 2017.


Cviro Lyfe


This Australia crooner is no stranger to the TFS Lifestyle. Having spent the last three years or so blessing us with some of the most soulful RnB from one of the most unassuming places. One listen to Lyfe and you’re destined to think Motown has moved down under.

Vanessa Elisha


Yet another regular Aussie friend of the site, Ms. Elisha is yet more proof that soul lives down under. While RnB here in the states appears to be in a bit of a limbo disguised as transition, there are singers like Vanessa who still show a mastery of the craft. Fuse her angelic voice with production by GXNXVS and you get a definitive sound reminiscent of Aaliyah’s Blackground days.

Jae Flyy


On a global scale The Netherlands hasn’t traditionally been a hotbed of hip hop. However “Nederhop” artists have been doing it as long as anyone else. Now that Hip Hop is officially a global entity it’s only a matter of time before the movement gains its due notoriety. One of the artists poised to lead the Netherlands pack is Amsterdam’s own Jae Flyy.

His global reach and universal sound is evidenced by his collabo with Harlem’s own Dave East, “Changing The View”.


Yemi Alade

Lagos, Nigeria

No. Drake isn’t solely responsible for the Afrobeat wave that swept over mainstream hip hop and RnB in 2016. Ok maybe he is. But the fact is the genre has been spawning ass shaking rhythm way before anyone needed “One Dance”. Expect for the genre to keep growing in the mainstream in the world in 2017. Leading that charge will be the beautiful Yemi Alade among others.



Amsterdam’s Frenna is already one of the hottest artists in the EU. If you’re in the Netherlands or Belgium you’re already familiar with Frenna and the SFB. But like pretty much all artists from the Netherlands he’s bilingual which has him poised for an international takeover in 2017 on the heels of his 2016 banger “Check”.

Jonna Fraser


One of Frenna most frequent collaborators is fellow Netherlander Jonna Fraser. Fraser holds down the RnB side of things in NL, and is once again proof that RnB may just live outside the U.S. afterall. Another bilingual star, Fraser is already a big deal in the EU. It would be almost expected to see him expand his influence further in 2017 if he wants to. But he’s already kind of a big deal among fans in the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium.

Section Boyz


This South London collective represents everything Grime is at it’s core. In fact they might be the new dictionary definition of the young Grime movement. The group consists of Swift, Deepee, Knine, Inch, Sleeks and Littlez, each of who bring their own unique voice and perspective to the table. Think Wu Tang Clan meets The A$AP Mob.

Nadia Rose


Multifaceted female artists have seen an uptick globally, think Dreezy, Kamaiyah and Dej Loaf here in the states. UK’s Grime answer to those artists would be a young lady by the name of Nadia Rose.  A dual threat singer and rapper, Rose has gained a following on the heels of songs like “Skwod” and “D.F.W.T”.

Priddy Ugly

South Africa

Since Die Antwoord announced their recent breakup, the world has been void of a viable South African act on an international level. But the country’s burgeoning hip hop scene won’t allow that void to be empty for long. Johannesburg rhymesayer Priddy Ugly has the lyrical prowess to go along with the type of production that is sure to have the world feeling what the real dirty south has to say again.

Gigi Lamayne

South Africa

Another promising young act out of South Africa is GiGi Lamayne. Known for her uptempo high energy rhythms, she combines the dance worthy music that her nation craves with lyrical wittiness that makes for a can’t lose sound. She is slowly but surely gaining a following in her homeland and has all the makings to appeal to larger, more spread out demographic.


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