Disney is Rebooting ‘That’s So Raven’ For A Spinoff Starring Raven Symone (Well Duhh)

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There is nothing that’s make you feel old AF yet feverishly and blissfully nostalgic at the same time than when one of your favorite childhood shows, gets a reboot as the characters have all grown up. That’s exactly what Disney is doing with “That’s So Raven”. Following in the footsteps of Boy Meets World (now ‘Girl Meets World), everyone’s favorite psychic, Raven (Raven Symone) is now all grown up and is the divorced mother of twins (played by Isaac Brown from Black-Ish and Navia Robinson from ‘Being Mary Jane)!

How did she not see that coming?

Ok. Too easy.

But yes, that’s right Raven is now a divorced mother of two. Feel old yet. If that’s not enough her bff, Chelsea (Anneliese Van Der Pol) is also divorced. No word on whether or not Eddie will be rejoining the cast, but you can pretty much count on that being a NO, given the harsh words Orlando Brown has had for his That’s So Raven co-star over the past few months.

At any rate, the show is set to begin airing later this year.



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