#TFSandChill: Diary Of A Cheating Man Is A Web Series That Will Have You Rethinking Your Fuckboy Ways


We’ve all reached this point in our lives. When that “playa” life reaches its apex and you’re ready to get out the game. But like with any life that’s easier said than done. Not only does the allure of the game keep calling your name, but severing ties could prove to be more than you could ever imagine.

Corey (Julian Hanlan) had to learn that the hard way. Diary of A Cheating Man is the latest web series from the 2KLife conglomerate.  Corey has found the one in Bianca (Zamiya Mitchell) and after five years of her holding him down he’s finally ready to put his jersey in the rafters. Awwww, right? Nah.  The problem is there are several others that feel like maybe they should be or are that one.  It’s tough out here. Years of being the man and being everyone else’s man has caused him to weave a web of fuckery that is going to be harder to get out than he ever could have conceived. Talk about in too deep.

Trust me, this might be on YouTube, but this is real life. Every thing is smooth sailing when we’re on our pimp ship until it comes time to drop anchor. Usually we just run a ground depending on how deep out to sea we’ve managed to get ourselves. DOACM is a glance at the reality of that life. Are you really bout that life? Is Corey?

Watch episode 1 of Diary of A Cheating Man and find out:





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