Catch The Season Finale of Get Your Life By Amanda Seales [Video]

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Unfortunately just six episodes into Amanda Diva Seales’ foray into West Coast life the show has come to it’s initial pause. The first season of ‘Get Your Life’ by Amanda Seales is ┬áin the books.

The consistently hilarious series culminates with Seales still adjusting to life on the West Coast as she continues to build her thespian empire in SoCal. However, you can take the girl out of NYC but you can NOT take the NYC out the girl.

As Seales and her attitude continues to adapt, she pays a visit to her long time (low key) idol Toprah Shanks, the model – turned actress – turned talk show host, who tries to coax seals into becoming a full blown Southern Californian. But will it work?

Check out Episode 6 of Get Your Life:

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