‘Blurred Lines’ Is The Hottest French Web Series Out And Yes It Has English Subtitles


Paris is the most visited and probably the most romanticized city in Western Culture. Face it, we all love Paris and most people on the western side of the Atlantic have never even been there. It could be the city’s unmatched taste in fashion that is put on full display every year at Paris Fashion Week or it could just be the sense of love and romance at the mere thought of the ‘City Of Love’.

However there are many sides to Paris. Sides seldom seen. The new web series ‘Blurred Lines’ is an all access to one side of it. The black LGBTQ side of the city. The web series follows four young friends from the city and their adventures in the city of love.

Each member of the squad has their own unique personality that lead to their own unique adventure. The one constant is friendship. They all have a bond that proves unbreakable.

This sitcom-like web series is sure to keep you interested. It’s rare that we as Americans can get a look into a show about everyday life in a non-english speaking city that has so much in common with our own culture. ‘Blurred Lines’ definitely let’s the Anglo Saxon viewer see that French life isn’t all that different from life in the America’s or Britain (even though Brits are probably already aware). The second episode of Blurred Lines shows that the City Of Love is the City Of Love for more than one reason.

Written by B. Danielle Watkins and starring Alisson Deter, Keey Kachina , Ansley Max and Kirs Elone, the cast and writers certainly do not disappoint. They certainly kept their anglophone audience in mind adding the subtitles without the viewer having to turn them on. It is no problem for one to get into and hooked on this series without speaking a lick of French.

Take a look at the first two episodes below and be sure to subscribe to …. to stay afloat of everything ‘Blurred Lines’.

One thought on “‘Blurred Lines’ Is The Hottest French Web Series Out And Yes It Has English Subtitles

  1. This is such a beautiful write up. I would love for you guys to speak to us, and the creator, Dï Thomas, about why the show was created and how much it truly means to the Parisian black LGBT Community ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Bless

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