“Attention Kills” Web Series Returns For Its Third Season!

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Washington, D.C. based Web Series ‘Attention Kills‘ has ventured into a realm not seen by most web series. A third season. That’s unthinkable without a hugely successful ‘GoFundMe’ campaign. But that is exactly what Arize Ifejika and his More Than Basketball Productions has done. The hit series is back for it’s third season!

The series picks right back where it left off with a lot of the main players in disarray, missing or dead. Arize is trying to put the pieces together after his assistant was found shot to death. He also has to worry about Shug, who is still upset and shaken from the whole ordeal coming to get him.

Meanwhile Breezy is already neck deep in baby moms drama before he knows for certain that anyone is pregnant.

If you ain’t up on game catch up with seasons 1 and 2 and then check out Episode 1 of Attention Kills below:

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