‘Atlanta’ Has Began Shooting For The Second Season


Fresh off of an impressive Emmy run (two of them thangs!), Donald Glover’s brainchild, ‘Atlanta’ has allegedly began filming it’s second season in the city. According to various reportscamera crews were spotted filming at various locations throughout the Mechanicsville section of the city.

What’s even more, is that there are casting calls for extras out there seeking “trashy white people” among other things. So for the shows many die hard fans ( let’s call them ATLiens ) this is a sign that it won’t be long before the show is back.

No word has yet been given on an exact date when the second season will officially unveil after the first season ended in the fourth quarter of 2016. The long standing rumor was that the show wasn’t slated to return to the FX network until 2018. Given the timing of these developments, that timeframe seems to carry some legitimacy. Glover, who is the show’s head writer and executive producer is also set to star in the Lion King live action production, which was believed to be the reason for the two year intermission between seasons as opposed to the more standard one year break.

At any rate, it seems we’re all looking forward to our network television in 2018 and rightfully so.

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