10 Alternative Fact Predictions For The Rest Of 2017


As most of you all know, we’re officially living in the Twilight Zone. If we haven’t been in it for months now we are definitely in it right now. Donald Trump is the 45th American President and he’s off to a running start. If you didn’t get to watch his grand inauguration speech last Friday, you’re not alone. Nobody did. At least when you compare them to past Presidential Inaugurations. But don’t let that bother you, because Trump’s camp surely didn’t. After his Press secretary, Sean Spicer asserted that the Inauguration turnout was larger than that of Barack Obama’s turnout, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway doubled down on Spicer’s words on CNN when they were called blatant lies. No these weren’t blatant lies, according to Conway. They were “alternative facts.

So that’s where we stand. Lies and falsehoods are no more. We are now in the era of Alternative Facts. But here at TFS we don’t like to be too political as you’ve noticed. But we do have some bold “Alternative Predictions” about the culture going forward into the rest of 2017.



10.  The Migos are just a fad.


Yea Right. To be Bad and Boujee are now life goals for most. These Young Rich citizens aren’t going anywhere anytime soon

9.  “Atlanta” won’t be missed.


Lucky for the two or three of you who won’t miss it, the hit Donald Glover produced show won’t be back until 2018. The rest of the populace will have to wait in angst until then.

8. That ‘Emoji’ Movie Will Be Lit!


Yep. There’s a movie about Emojis coming out and you’ll watch it.

7. Chivalry Will Return


Unfortunately if you think this, you sound a lot like the 2 Pac conspiracy theorists. Let it go. However, it wouldn’t be a bad look at all if it did manage to resurrect itself, now would it?

6. Afrobeat won’t make a splash outside of Africa


Drake has always been a visionary. He along with artists like Meek Mill jumped on the Afrobeat wave and introduced in a major way to North America. Don’t think this trend is going back to Africa to stay like some people want some people to do. **Cough

5. The EDM Scene Will Die


Nope. I’m not sure anybody thinks this anyway.

4. adidas will continue to only mesh well with adidas.


Oh,  you Thought Dom Kennedy was lying when he said adidas and Gucci mesh well? FOH. Can’t box adidas in anymore thanks to Kanye and James Harden.

3. Your favorite rappers will finally learn how to use Social Media for the better.


If by good you mean scheduling pay per view fights with other rappers and RnB singers and continuing to incriminate themselves, by all means we’re off to a good start.

2. The new Spiderman movie will let you down…again.


I actually have faith in you this time Spidee.  As a matter of fact. This is it. I need to be hooked by the first 20 minutes because after that I’m done forever.

1. Donald Trump won’t be so bad after all.


See first 48 hours in office.

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